ACP – Alliston

Association of Citizen Prosecutors – Journalism Division

Saturday Night Stabbing at 53 Centre Street (South), Alliston | 24 Year-old Steve Garnier is Dead | 17 Year-old taken into O.P.P. Custody

Crime Scene at 53 Centre St. South, Alliston – June 24, 2012 (ACP Photo by CAD)

ACP is investigating the late night stabbing of Steve Garnier of Alliston.  A 17 year-old from Essa Township is said to have been taken into custody by O.P.P. and charged with 2nd degree murder.

Unconfirmed witness reports (anonymous attendees at a gathering at the home prior to the stabbing) suggest that the accused may been intoxicated by alcohol and using Prolintane HCl or MDPV (“bath salts”)-like stimulants (known to induce psychotic experiences, uncommonly violent stimulant-fuelled outbursts).  These reports are denied by others.

OPP report locating Steve “in distress at the scene with obvious signs of trauma.” He was transported to Stevenson Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead from his injuries.

A post mortem will be conducted at date to be announced.  The 17-year-old young offender has been charged with Second Degree Murder. Her identity can not be released.

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UPDATE: O.P.P. Constable Kelly Daniels-Griffis (speaking for police) suggests police do not plan to release further information in the near future.

“That’s all the detective inspector (Graham) and the criminal investigations branch is comfortable with getting out there at the moment,” Daniels-Griffis is quoted in local media as saying.


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